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Luxury vinyl flooring from Element Flooring and Design Center


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Andover Abingdale

Caliber Cream Dust

Franklin Augustine 950

Parallel 12 Argent Crv

Parallel 20 Argent Crv

Pryzm Amber

Rigid Core Essentials Blue Misted Gray

Rigid Core Vantage Beige Breeze

Thatcher Aberdeen 320

Units Black/White

American Personality 12 Crafted Oak - Bronzed Roots

Aspen Peak Arvada

Avenue Gallery Aged Barn Board

Blockbuster Broadway
Built-Rite Asheville
Carlota Plank Freeport Hickory

Carlota Tile II Hyde Stone

Cosmopolitan Apple

Culbres Plank Medford Hickory

Culbres Tile Blancos

Culbres Wide Coast Mountain

Deja New Alleyway Bronze Mist

Deja New Belgium Wave Cool Grey

Deja New Clean Oak Fumed

Deja New Coast Oak Greyed

Deja New Oak Framing Chalk

Deja New San Marcos Oak Eggplant Grey

Deja New Smooth Concrete Anthracite

Deja New With Attraxion Clay

Easy Fix Loose Lay Plank Rustic Stone

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