If you have pet odors on your hardwood floors, it is crucial to remove them as soon as possible, no matter how big or small they may be. Pet odors and stains can linger for a long time and may cause mold growth problems if not properly taken care of. This blog post will give you three cleaning tips that will help you get pet smells out of your impermeable hardwood floors in no time!

Clear The Problem Area With Soap And Water

The first step is to clear the problem area. This means that you need to remove any pet feces or urine from the floor. Be sure to use soap and water as this will help break down any enzymes or proteins left behind from the pet's accident. At this stage, you don't need to scrub extremely hard. Instead, your primary focus is on getting the area clean and ready for the pet odor removal product. Ensure you dispose of all cleaning water and soap mixture afterward to prevent accidental spills. This way, the floor has no chance of becoming immediately smelly again.

Use Pet Odor Removal Products And Let Them Sink In

You'll want to use a generous amount of product and spray the suspect area vigorously. If your dog, cat, or other pet has a particular spot they constantly go to, you may want to spray the area with even more care. Once complete, let the pet odor removal product soak into the floor for several minutes before mopping or wiping clean. You can also apply pet odor products directly on pet stain areas and gently scrub them in using an old toothbrush if needed.
Removing pet odor from hardwood floors
Before using your pet odor removal product, it's essential that you clean the area with soap and water.

Wipe The Area Clean And Begin Rinsing

The pet odor removal product you used should have been strong enough to remove pet odors from the surface. Now, your last step is to wipe up any excess product and rinse out the area with fresh water and a gentle sponge. Be sure that there are no soapy residues left behind as these can attract dirt and retain odor if not appropriately rinsed!

The final step is to let the area dry completely. You'll want to give it some space and let it air out before you do any walking on it. If the odor is still persistent, you may try again using the steps above. Just make sure you're gentle with washing the floor so as not to cause any damage.

When All Else Fails, It May Be Time To Replace The Flooring

If pet odors are proving to be too difficult to remove with traditional methods, it may be time to replace the flooring. This is a more extreme step and can be expensive, but if the pet odor problem is severe and persistent, then it might be your best bet. We invite you to speak with one of our Fort Collins flooring professionals about the different types of flooring materials that may work best in your situation. This way, you can get started on removing those pesky pet smells for good!

So there you have it! Three easy tips that will help you remove pet odors from impermeable hardwood floors quickly and easily. Be sure to follow these steps closely, and don't hesitate to ask for help if needed. Removing pet odors can seem daunting at first, but with these simple tips, you might be able to clear up the issue!