2022 is moving along quickly! In this blog post, we will discuss four of the most popular flooring trends for the year. These trends include wide-plank flooring, stronger colors and grains in hardwood, creative tile transitions, high color variation flooring, and more! Keep reading to learn more from Element about each flooring trend and how you can implement them in your home or business.

Wide-Plank Flooring

Wide-plank hardwood is one 2022 flooring trend that is making a comeback in Loveland and Northern Colorado. This look especially works well with rustic, modern farmhouse, or contemporary styles. The reason wide-plank floors are so popular this year? They add both warmth and character to any home or business. Wide planks have grown in popularity over the last few years as people try to make their homes feel more welcoming and comfortable for guests. For example, many homeowners choose white oak wood because of its natural and beautiful color variation. The broad, bold planks accentuate these variations.

High Color Variation Wide Plank Flooring
Wide plank flooring with lots of color variation is in this year!

Stronger Colors And Grains In Hardwood

Another 2022 flooring trend growing in popularity is stronger colors and grains in hardwood flooring. We are seeing more people choose wood styles with rich, deep tones to create contrast against lighter walls or furnishings; this look works exceptionally well for modern farmhouse homes because of their neutral palettes (e.g., white oak). For an added pop of style, some homeowners choose stained black floors, which add warmth while also being easy on the eyes.

Tile To Hardwood Flooring Transitions

A third 2022 flooring trend is transitioning tile to hardwood flooring areas using patterns. This gorgeous look has been growing in popularity for a few years now as it can add some personality and uniqueness to any room. There are many ways to do this transition, but we suggest using a herringbone or chevron pattern as they are currently two of the most popular options. We’ve also seen some people use diamond or hexagon-shaped tile transitions into hardwood. Additionally, these patterns add visual interest and make a small space feel larger.

High Color Variation Flooring

The fourth 2022 flooring trend is high color variation flooring. High color variation floors are perfect for rustic, modern farmhouse, or contemporary styles because they add warmth and character to any space while also making it feel lived in! This trend has been growing steadily over the past few years as more people try to create that warm, cozy feeling within their homes (which is a must, if you live somewhere cold like Northern Colorado).

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