The appearance of the flooring in your Loveland home can play a significant role in the perceived size of the room. In this blog post, we will discuss how flooring and design can affect space and appearance. We will cover four ways to make your floor look larger:

  • Flooring consistency between different rooms.
  • Using large tiles and wide hardwood floor planks.
  • Light floor colors that reflect light.
  • Open shades on windows that let in more natural light.
  • Decluttering is also essential for making a given room appear larger! 
Let's jump into each subject in a bit more detail below.

Flooring Consistency

One method to make a room look larger is to have flooring consistency between different spaces. If you have hardwood floors in your living room but then two kinds of carpeting or vinyl in the adjacent rooms, these spaces, and perhaps the home itself, will feel somewhat disconnected. Having flooring that flows more seamlessly between each space gives the appearance of one large and open area.

Large Tiles And Wide Planks

Another great tip to make a room appear larger is using large tiles or wide planks for flooring. When flooring is narrower than 3 inches, it can often disrupt some of the natural light and make a space feel cramped. Using wider flooring helps reflect more light around the room and makes it feel less congested. The same goes with tiles - try larger than 12 inches by 12 inches. These also may give the appearance of a larger and more spacious room.
Wide plank flooring
Wide plank flooring can give almost any room a larger, grander appearance.

Floor Color, Windows, And Plenty Of Light

Light Floor Colors

Choosing light floor colors is another way to make a space feel larger. Floors that are soft in color reflect more natural light than darker flooring options. This will brighten up your home and make it feel open and airy. Additionally, lighter flooring can help create the illusion of taller ceilings and larger rooms.

Bright Lights And Open Shades

Having bright lights on during the day and using open shades on windows also helps give the impression of a larger room. Natural light pouring into a space makes it feel happy and cheerful, while bright overhead lights often make areas look larger. By using both natural light and bright artificial lighting together, a room can have a much larger and more inviting feel.

Declutter As Much As Possible

One last tip for making your flooring in Loveland appear larger is to declutter the floor! Having too many items such as shelves, chairs, tables, decor pieces, and other things on your floor makes it seem smaller than it really is. Also, when you try to fit too much into one given area of floor space, there's less room left over to reflect light and can make the space look smaller overall. By removing clutter from the floors in your home, you'll be sure that each room looks spacious enough to accommodate furniture without looking overcrowded or cluttered with objects all over the place.

Element Flooring And Design Center Can Help Make Suggestions For A Spacious Design Style

If you are looking for Loveland flooring suggestions, our Element Flooring And Design Center team can help. Our Northern Colorado flooring experts have years of experience and knowledge about how floor design can affect space to make it appear larger or more open. We would love to come out and visit your home to give ideas on how best to improve upon floor design! Call us today to set up your free estimate!