The flooring you have in your Fort Collins home is a considerable investment, and it's essential to take care of it. However, the flooring can last for many years if you follow some simple maintenance tips during the fall. One of the most common things people do when cleaning their flooring is to sweep up any leaves or other debris on the floor. This will not only help keep your floor clean at all times, but this will also prevent buildup from occurring over time which could cause stains and scratches. Let's go into a few Fort Collins flooring maintenance tips below, so you can keep your home looking great throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Consider purchasing flooring that is resistant to stains, like laminate or vinyl flooring

These flooring types are particularly resistant to water and stains and will look great throughout the fall (and year-round, for that matter). In addition, both laminate and vinyl flooring tend to stain less than hardwood flooring, so you won't have to worry about flooring maintenance as much throughout the year.

Clean up spills immediately by blotting with a dry cloth and then wiping with a damp cloth

By catching spills as soon as they occur, you can prevent flooring damage from occurring. This is particularly important during the fall because there are more leaves around, which may cause stains to be left on your floor when you sweep them up or when they get tracked in from outside.

To clean up a spill with a dry cloth, use gentle pressure and blotting motions so that you don't push any of the liquid deeper into the flooring. Then follow this by using a damp cloth to continue removing all traces of moisture from the area where spilled.
An image of a floor mat at the door.
Flooring mats are tremendously helpful in reducing damage to your flooring.

Use mats at the entrances of rooms where you know there will be lots of dirt tracked in 

By placing flooring mats at the entrances of rooms, you will help catch any dirt brought in on shoes. This way, your floor won't be exposed to as much dirt and grime (both of which tend to increase with wet leaves and dust during the fall) which can cause damage down the line.

Keep up on vacuuming - this will help keep your floors clean and free from debris

It's always a good idea to vacuum your flooring at least once per week, but it may be even more important during the fall when there is lots of debris around. Since vacuuming can help remove all sorts of dust and dirt that would otherwise get trapped in between floorboards (which could lead to damage), you should make sure to stay consistent with your vacuuming routine.

Sweep your floors regularly to remove any loose particles that might scratch the surface

If you have some high-traffic rooms, it's probably best to sweep your flooring at least once per day. This will help remove any dust and dirt accumulated on top of the flooring but isn't picked up by vacuuming or other floor cleaning methods. It may be a bit more labor-intensive than vacuuming, but it's one of the most sure-fire ways to help maintain your flooring in Fort Collins!

If you have pets, put down rugs where they sleep so their fur doesn't get all over the floor

Pets like dogs and cats shed a lot during the fall so they can get their winter coat, and you will want to be sure that their fur doesn't get all over your flooring. If you place rugs around where they sleep (like in front of foyers or under furniture), this should help reduce any fur from getting on the floor. Every little bit counts!

If it's time to replace your flooring in Fort Collins, Element can help

If you've taken care of your floors well, but they've been past their prime for a while, our friendly local designers and installation experts can help you select a new design that will match your style and your needs. Contact Element today for all your needs for flooring in Fort Collins!