Add A Pop Of Color To Any Room With Tile

Why Choose Tile Flooring?

When most people think of tile, they tend to think of bathrooms or kitchens. While these rooms may traditionally have tile more often, it’s definitely not a set rule! More and more homeowners are starting to see tile as a fun and classy way to liven up almost any room in their home. 

The wonderful thing about going with tile flooring is that it is so versatile. Modern tiles are built scratch-resistant and spill-proof. Tile flooring is also fire-resistant, so you can rest easy knowing your floors are not a potentially dangerous source of fuel in the event of a fire. 
A picture of tile samples in Fort Collins, Colorado.
The sheer amount of tile flooring options is impressive!

If you have children or pets, you know how important it is to have stain-resistant flooring. Drinks that are notorious for stains like wine, coffee, and juices will have a very hard time causing any staining on your tile floor. 

Tile Adds “Flavor” To Any Room

When you want a room to stand out for you and your guests, it’s all about contrast. Consider choosing light-colored tiles with the occasional piece configured as an accent tile. This tile can be a different shade of the existing color, or the complete opposite, as long as the color scheme fits the aesthetic you are going for in your home. Due to the nature of tile, there are virtually endless color and style combinations available. 

Your Room Will Appear More Spacious

One of the greatest benefits of selecting tile flooring is that you can transform almost any room in your home into a more spacious area. Try looking at larger tiles that are lighter in shade. This will give the appearance that the room is more spacious. This even works with relatively small spaces!

Say Hello To Sophistication

Whether looking to class up your living room or give your dining area a restaurant-like feel, tile does both flawlessly. With the seemingly unlimited combination of color and patterns available, you can design almost any atmosphere for a given room. 

Our Design Experts Can Help

With hundreds, if not thousands, of tile installations under our belt, our team of highly experienced design and installation experts stands ready to help. We’ll ask you a multitude of questions regarding your room, its size, its color, and your needs so we can get a great idea of what tile flooring would be best for your home. To set up an appointment, contact our staff today!