What is LVP Flooring?

With advances in sophisticated imaging and printing technology, Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring has become increasingly popular. High definition images of wood are taken and then printed onto a single layer of the LVP flooring. This single layer is then placed among 3 other layers to become a finished LVP product. The top layer consists of a stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant material, while a tough bottom layer keeps the flooring durable and safe. It is composed of a PVC vinyl core that is waterproof. 

Perfect For Pets

If you own a home with pets, chances are you’ve noticed how flooring can quickly get worn out or stained. Our furry little friends tend to have claws, and those claws can quickly make scratches and erode the surface layer of traditional wooden floors. Luxury Vinyl Plank, or LVP flooring, is an excellent choice if you have pets. Regardless of their size, pets have accidents. LVP’s extremely resilient top layer makes cleaning up after them not only easy but also gives you peace of mind. You can rest assured that your new flooring is completely waterproof and resistant to most stains. Owning a pet just got easier!

An Image Of A Kitchen With LVP Flooring.
Not only are LVP flooring options stunningly beautiful, they're also quite durable.

Perfect For Kids

If you’ve spent any time around kids, you know that they love running and jumping just about anywhere. The multiple durable layers involved in the LVP production process ensure that it can stand up to even the most rambunctious toddlers or rowdy teenagers. What’s better is that you can give your home the look of a distinguished hardwood floor without worrying about it only lasting several years of heavy use with children in your home. No matter how many juice boxes are spilled on LVP, you can breathe easy knowing it won’t seem into the wood and stain. 

Rooms With High Traffic

For rooms that got a lot of repeated foot traffic, you’d probably start to eventually notice wearing on certain portions of a normal hardwood floor. LVP’s scratch resistance allows for years of high traffic with no noticeable scuffs or visible scrapes. Even better, this type of flooring is extremely easy to clean. It can be simply vacuumed or wiped with warm water from a damp mop to keep it looking brand new. 

Variety In Style

Just as there is an extremely wide variety of styles and wood types when dealing with real wood, LVP also offers extensive options. From brilliant and vibrant red-hued wood styles to clean and bright lighter hardwoods, LVP has a selection for virtually anyone. There are even more rustic styles that look like reclaimed wood. 

Confused As To Where To Start With LVP?

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff have hundreds of LVP installations under their belt and can perfectly match your new flooring with the look of your home. We invite you to come into our showroom in Fort Collins today to take a look. Our floor staff can help you revitalize and update the look of your favorite room with their expert recommendations. Call to make an appointment or stop in during our business hours!