What are solid surface countertops? Simply put, solid surface is a synthetic material that is made to look and feel like natural stone. It is composed of a polymer base and an aggregate. This combination makes for a very strong yet versatile material. Solid surface countertops are growing in popularity because they are beautiful, durable, and affordable. In this blog post, we will explore what solid surface is, why it may be a good idea for your kitchen, and several types of solid surface countertops that are available on the market today.

What Does The Term "Solid Surface" Entail?

Solid surface is an umbrella term for solid, non-porous material. Solid surface counters are human-made and consist of polyester or acrylic resin mixed with natural materials such as marble dust, glass, and pigments. This combination makes the solid surface resistant to staining, heat damage, chipping, and cracking. Unlike other countertops like laminate or granite, solid surface countertops can be repaired if they are damaged because they sometimes have solid color throughout the entire material (not just on top). Because of this solid-color-through-out property, it also reduces any visible seams that may occur when installing large solid surface areas like kitchen islands. This helps create more aesthetic appeal in your home.

Why Solid Surface Might Be Great For Your Loveland Area Kitchen

There are many reasons why solid surface countertops might be great for your kitchen. Here are just a few:

- Solid surface is heat resistant and will not easily scorch or burn as other materials can.

- It is non-porous, making it resistant to bacteria, stains, and moisture. This means you won't have to worry about spills seeping into the material and causing damage over time. 

- Solid surface is easy to clean and maintain; a simple wipe down with soap and water is typically all that is required to keep it looking shiny and new.

- If you ever need to repair solid surface countertops, the process is relatively simple and affordable compared to replacing an entire countertop made of another material like granite.
Granite solid surface countertops in Loveland.
Granite solid surface countertops are gorgeous and extremely durable.

Solid Surface Countertop Looks

Quartz, natural quartz, natural stone, and many other gorgeous stylings are available as solid surface countertops. Here are some solid surface options:

- Granite - granite is one of the most popular natural stone-look solid surfaces available in Loveland area homes due to its durability as well as elegant appearance, but it can be expensive compared to other solid surfaces like quartz or corian, which cost less per square foot

- Concrete - concrete-look solid surfaces have grown in popularity over recent years because they offer many benefits such as strength and durability while still being affordable enough that you won't break your budget installing them throughout your kitchen or bathroom remodel project

Element Can Help You Select A Solid Surface Countertop

If you are interested in installing solid surface countertops in your home, Element can help. We offer a wide variety of solid surface countertop options to choose from so that you can find the perfect one for your needs and style preferences. Our team is knowledgeable, experienced, and professional. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about solid surface counters or any other aspect of your kitchen remodel project. So give us a call today!