Do you want LVP or natural hardwood flooring? This is a decision that many people have to make when they are building their new home. Naturally, people will be attracted by the beauty of hardwood floors, but there are so many benefits to having LVP. In this blog post, we'll discuss some of these benefits and show you how we can help you decide between LVP and natural wood flooring for your home in the Fort Collins, CO area!

LVP is a synthetic product

LVP is made to look like natural hardwood. It has the texture of wood and also all of the benefits that people love about synthetic flooring products. It is very durable when compared to some forms of traditional flooring. This flooring style can also be water-resistant, fire-resistant, pest-resistant (it doesn't attract bugs), and it usually comes with a generous warranty.

Natural hardwood floors are beautiful, but they don't always offer these same features an LVP product does. They may not have a high degree of resistance against insects or pests and there's no guarantee on how long it will last in your home before needing to be replaced again.
An image of a dog sitting on a hardwood flooring.
LVP may hold up a bit better against pets, but hardwood retains value longer.

LVP is a more affordable option than natural hardwood

Natural hardwood will cost you more to purchase and install, but it usually has a higher resale value and a more luxurious appeal. So, which one should you choose? The answer really depends on what your needs are for the space you are looking at reflooring. If you want something durable, water-resistant, fire-resistant, and backed by a generous warranty at an affordable price, then LVP might be the best option for you. On the other hand, if beauty is most important to you with less concern about affordability or maintenance, natural hardwood may be perfect. No two types of wood look exactly alike, so each room can have its own unique feel depending on how many boards are used!

Natural wood can be more expensive and requires upkeep

While natural hardwood flooring in Fort Collins does have a luxurious and classic look, it does require maintenance. Every few years, the hardwood will need to be refinished. This can be expensive and messy if you are not experienced or if you hire an inexperienced contractor. It also requires a lot of time to complete.

LVP wood flooring doesn't require any type of upkeep. In most cases, all you need to do is sweep it once in a while and vacuum it when needed.

The best choice depends on your budget, lifestyle, and preferences for appearance

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