Polyester Vs. Nylon Carpet - Which Should You Choose?

Which Material Is Better For Your Home?

For those of us just beginning to look into the world of carpeting, it can feel overwhelming. The sheer volume of materials, colors, textures, and lengths can be daunting for beginners. Because we not only walk on carpet but also tend to lay down on it from time to time, it’s important you make the right decision for your home.

A picture of beige carpet.
Selecting polyester or nylon carpeting has a lot to do with your individual needs.

One of the first options to consider when selecting a new carpet is the material itself. Most modern carpets are composed of synthetic materials, so we’ll focus on two today. A common question we hear is whether to go with nylon or polyester carpets. Below, we’ll dive into some similarities and differences, and which one may be better for your situation. 

Similarities Between Nylon And Polyester

The most obvious similarity is, as mentioned above, that they are both composed of synthetic materials. Carpets made out of natural materials tend to be a bit rarer. Both Nylon and Polyester are made from petroleum-based products. They can be recycled, have great color selections, and the cleaning and maintenance process is fairly straight-forward. While they are similar in many ways, it’s worth pointing out one key difference. Nylon was designed to be a substitute for silk, while polyester was made to imitate wool. This brings us to our next point — their key differences.

Key Differences Between Of Polyester And Nylon

A key factor most carpet buyers consider first when making their purchase is how long the carpet will last. There are definitely carpets built to last multiple decades, but the average carpet will last roughly 10 years before most people consider replacing it. In terms of durability, Nylon outperforms Polyester. Why exactly is Nylon more durable? It is widely credited as being one of the toughest fibers that humans have created. This gives it an edge over polyester, especially in high-traffic rooms.

Polyester is also more likely to be damaged under high heat conditions and may melt. Exposing high-heat objects to the carpet is unlikely, but it’s important to know before making your purchase that it is a possibility. It may also wear down faster than nylon, so it may be more suited to last traveled rooms.

Stains And Maintenance

If you have a pet, a baby, or a child at home, you know just how important it is to select stain-resistant and easy-to-maintain furniture and flooring. Both are fairly easy to clean stains out of, but they aren’t fully resistant to all stains. They are just simply easier to clean stains out of, but not necessarily stain-proof. When it comes to stains though, Polyester beats out most types of Nylon carpets. Polyester is naturally hydrophobic, which means that it repels liquids and avoids immediately absorbing them. Nylon is a more porous material, so liquids can be absorbed deeper more quickly.

Let Element Help You Choose

It can be difficult trying to figure out which carpet material will be right for your family, especially with so many factors to consider. Let our friendly local Element staff guide you through the process and help you choose a carpet you will love for years or decades to come! Get in touch with us today!