What is boho style? The boho style is characterized by its bohemian, free-spirited nature. You can apply boho design to many different aspects of your home. Today, we will explore the boho style in three main categories: room, flooring, and decor. Join us as we dive into each subcategory below!

Room Design

We'll start with what boho room designs look like. Room designs in this boho interior design style typically feature a lot of natural materials such as wood or stone that create an earthy feel for the space. These rooms also often include lighter colors that evoke a sense of calmness and peace compared to a more dramatic or intense color palette.

Boho rooms also tend to incorporate a lot of plants and greenery throughout the space. This boho-style room design may include adding live plants indoors or using leafy green decorations like wreaths on your wall, pillows with flower patterns, and even paintings that feature nature scenes.

Lighting is another vital part of boho interior design since it can often help set the mood in these spaces. Boho lighting typically includes more natural sources, such as lamps made out of wood or glass rather than metal fixtures. Natural lighting gives off an organic feel that goes well with boho's earthiness theme for this decor style.
An image of a boho room design.
The great thing about boho room design is that it really breathes a sense of curiosity and life into a given space.

Boho Flooring

What boho flooring looks like falls directly in line with boho room design. Boho flooring often includes materials such as stone or wood to create an earthy feel for the space, which goes well with boho's natural theme. You can also use rugs and carpets that feature patterns of flowers, vines, leaves, and other organic shapes on them if you want your boho-style floors to be more vibrant than neutral.

Select Decor With A Boho Theme In Mind

Now let's talk about how boho decor designs look! This is where things get exciting because there are so many unique ways to incorporate boho style into your home decor, whether it's furniture or accessories. Generally speaking, though, most boho rooms require their material items to be natural and organic. For boho decor, you can use a variety of different mediums that have this boho feel to them, including:

- Wooden pieces of decor or furniture

- Natural fibers such as cotton or wool (basketry)

- Fabric with floral prints on it like jute rugs or pillow covers

- Items made from stone, such as vases for flowers, candle holders, etc. 

- A variety of different boho textiles such as tapestries, scarves, and tablecloths

- Wicker baskets or wicker furniture pieces for storage

- Vibrant boho wall decor like paintings with nature scenes on them. Perhaps even some boho wall art that is made from wood!

Element Can Help You Visualize And Design The Boho Room You've Wished For

Now that you know boho interior design style is all about creating a space with natural elements and organic materials, it's time to bring this gorgeous boho-style decor into your Northern Colorado home. If you would like some help visualizing or designing the boho room of your dreams, feel free to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to hearing from you!