Hardwood floors are an investment, but they don't last forever. So if you want hardwood flooring that will look great for years to come, you need to know when it's time to refinish your hardwood floors and invest in new hardwood flooring. There are three signs that it is time to refinish hardwoods: if the hardwoods have deep water stains or discoloration, the hardwood flooring no longer reflects light like it used to, or there are numerous highly visible scratches. Let's learn a bit more about each one below!

Water stains, discoloration, mild warping,

These are all signs that hardwood floors need refinishing. Water stains or discoloration might happen if hardwoods have stood for a very long time in high humidity areas like near the kitchen sink, bathroom shower, or laundry room. If you look at old photos of your flooring and see a difference in color (and not in a good way) from those photos, it might be time to refinish your hardwood floors. If you live in a humid climate, hardwoods should be refinished every few years (7-10)  to keep them looking nice. However, hardwoods that are not in humid environments or that are seldom walked on can last for decades. It all depends on how much the room is used, if there is water used regularly, and where in the U.S. you live!
An image of a dog lying on hardwood flooring.
Pets may accelerate the need to refinish hardwood floors.

Your hardwood doesn't reflect light much anymore

Hardwood flooring is such a beautiful, durable surface. But after years and years of use, it can start to wear down too much - especially if you have kids or pets running around on them all the time. Take some photos with your phone that show just how dull they've become over time when compared to older pictures. If you find that your hardwood floors are no longer reflecting light well at all, then it may be worth pursuing a hardwood floor refinishing so yours will look new again! Of course, you'll want your floors to look sleek and even, with a nice sheen no matter the type of light (sunlight or artificial).

Highly visible scratches and gouges

Suppose there are numerous highly visible scratches (especially from pets). In that case, these could indicate a problem either with how often you're mopping/vacuuming or if there is an underlying issue with the hardness of the wood itself; both situations can lead to scratching up hardwood floors over time. Repeated exposure to dirty shoes can also gradually scratch up the floor rather rapidly.

Element can help with floor repairs or replacements

If you've noticed any of these signs on your hardwood floors, it may be time to consider refinishing them. Our local Fort Collins flooring company can help you decide which type of finish will work best for your space and take care of the installation and repair so that your home is restored to its former glory with a fresh new look! Do you have any questions about our services? Contact us today - we're happy to answer all inquiries!