Contemporary southwestern design is an interior design style that combines contemporary and southwest decorating. Native American, Spanish, and Mexican artistry is blended to form a unique and warm tone. This type of contemporary home decor typically includes bold colors and textures with earthy materials such as wood, stone, and metal accents. You can use contemporary southwestern design to create a living space that is both luxurious and warm. It also pairs well with some modern furniture styles, giving your home’s interior an inviting and fun appearance. Let’s jump into some of the finer points below!

Wood Varieties Galore
The contemporary southwest interior design style takes its influence from the wood variety. This is evident through features such as cherry, hickory, pine, and oak flooring. Other popular materials are wrought iron chandeliers with large wooden beams on the ceiling to match the theme. The color palette for this design is mostly warm neutral colors, but you can use pops of other colors that include turquoise blue hues or burnt orange shades. These colors are inspired by the desert scenery surrounding the Southwest areas like Phoenix. Colorado has its own dry climate, so this style works well here too!


Since natural materials influence contemporary southwest design, this style works well with hardwood flooring. This includes varieties such as cherry wood, hickory floors, and pine to name a few. You can also use stone tile in the kitchen and bathrooms because of its earthy nature. In addition, wood planks are attractive for living room designs because they add warmth and character to any space! Native American or Mexican rugs also fit well with contemporary southwest flooring.

Bright ceramic tiles add a lot of character to your contemporary southwest design.


One of the most beautiful home decor ideas for this style is to use brightly colored ceramics. This includes contemporary southwestern pottery, vases, and decorative items painted in bright colors with earthy patterns. The pieces often have Native American influence, but you can look for styles similar to Mexican or Spanish artistry too. These ceramic accents work well with kitchen backsplash designs because they add color and warmth to that space. Talavera tiles are a vibrant hand-painted form of pottery initially created in Mexico. These tiles are a popular design choice and work well for kitchen backsplashes.


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