There are many reasons to change out your floors before fall and winter. Whether you have carpet that needs replacing or wood floors that need refinishing, there's no better time than now to make this investment in your home. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider upgrading your flooring in Fort Collins before the fall and winter holiday seasons!

Save money on heating bills

If your flooring is over ten years old, you may notice that it has started to wear. This can cause drafts in the home and lead to higher heating bills. Replacing floors before winter will help cut back on energy costs because new floors are more insulated than older ones! This makes Fort Collins homes with upgraded wood or carpet flooring perfect for the fall and winter months when money becomes a little tighter due to holiday spending sprees.
An image of hardwood flooring with slippers.
Upgrading your flooring can keep your feet warmer and help you save on heating costs.

Get an early start on holiday party planning and preparation

Holiday parties are an important part of the holiday season. But if you're planning to host a party at your home, now is the perfect time to upgrade your floors! It's always tricky to get those pesky spills and pet stains out of carpeting after guests have visited for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. New LVP and vinyl flooring make it easy for families with pets or children, as they can be quickly swept up after spills occur without worrying about ruining flooring.

Avoid slippery surfaces during winter months

If you have hard flooring like tile in your home, it can become extremely slick during the winter months when wet snow and ice accumulate near entrances. Installing wood flooring or LVP flooring may help you avoid any accidents from having slippery surfaces, especially varieties that have some texture to them!

If you have carpet near your entrance, you likely won't have issues with slipping, but it can become dirty quickly. You can avoid this by changing to a type of hard flooring or carpet that is easy to clean and maintain. We even have scuff and water-resistant LVP flooring options, so you'll be able to keep your floors looking fantastic while adding some safety to your home in Fort Collins, particularly if you're upgrading from older tile.

Host more get-togethers

If you're looking to host more holiday gatherings this year, flooring upgrades are a great way to invite friends and family into your home. Flooring changes can be expensive (depending on the material), but it's much cheaper than updating appliances or significant renovations. So if you want your Fort Collins house to look like the Pinterest photos during those Holiday parties, now is the time for an upgrade!

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