Carpet is a flooring material that many people love to have in their homes, and for good reason! Carpeting can provide comfort, warmth, insulation from noise, and it also has some natural benefits. There are three main types of carpets: polyester carpeting, nylon carpeting, and wool carpeting. Polyester carpet is synthetic and does not contain any allergens like wool or nylon carpets. Wool carpet can be expensive but provides the highest comfort and insulation from sound among all three materials. Nylon carpet will typically cost more than polyester, but it too has properties that make it worth investing in if you want your home to feel cozy this fall! Let's jump into a little bit more detail below on each type of carpet.

Polyester carpeting

This synthetic carpeting is created with polyester fiber. It does not contain any allergens like wool or nylon carpet, making it ideal for people who suffer from allergies and sensitivities to other materials. Polyester carpet also resists moisture better than the other two types we have mentioned so far - another perk!

Wool carpeting

This carpeting is one of the more expensive carpet types, but it also provides a higher level of insulation against noise than any other type. Unfortunately, wool carpet can be a bit heavy if you have to move it often (if you make it into an area rug) and can be a bit challenging to maintain over time. Still, for those who suffer from allergies or sensitivities to other carpet materials, this may be your best option! Not to mention - it's quite the luxury option and has an esteemed appearance, which makes it perfect for rooms you love to show off.
An image of wool carpet.
Wool carpeting provides luxury, warmth, and soundproofing.

Nylon carpeting

Nylon carpet has properties that make it worth investing in - even though polyester might cost less initially. Nylon's ability to resist moisture (while not the level of polyester) makes it an excellent choice for areas where you need something durable and water-resistant, such as an entryway. Unlike wool, nylon's durability ensures that they won't show stains as visibly. Nylon is an incredibly tough human-made material that can withstand heavy traffic areas for extended periods, perhaps more than polyester.

Element can help you select a style perfect for any room

If you're looking for Fort Collins carpet that will look great and keep your home (and feet!) warm this fall and winter, Element can help you find a carpet that is perfect for your space. We have extensive experience with each type of carpeting and can make recommendations on color, texture, material, and the overall appearance of your room with various flooring choices. We'd love to speak with you more about selecting a carpet option perfect for your Fort Collins or Northern Colorado home, so be sure to get in touch with us! You can give us a call or stop by our showroom to learn more about making your carpeting dreams come true!