Do you know the benefits that hardwood floors and carpeting have to offer? They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also can be a hardy surface for your feet. However, there is one thing in common: shoes can damage both hardwood and carpeting! Even if it's just for ten minutes before you take off your footwear at the door, wearing shoes indoors will wear down hardwoods or carpets over time. In this blog post, we'll discuss how to keep your flooring clean without having to worry about excessive maintenance.

Wearing shoes inside can cause damage to hardwood floors

There are many hardwood flooring benefits to mention. Still, the truth is that every hardwood surface will eventually need to be refinished or replaced because when it comes down to it - your hardwoods deserve better than dirty shoes! It's not just about keeping them looking new, either. If you wear shoes in the house and then walk on hardwoods with your socks (thus transferring dirt from inside) onto the floors, they will become darker over time. The paint might also scratch off more easily, and there could be an unwanted chemical reaction between residues left by footwear adhesive and water-based finishes, which can cause discoloration.

Shoes create dirt and debris that gets tracked in hard

So if hardwoods aren't the hardiest flooring surface, what can you do to keep them clean? The first thing is not to wear shoes indoors. That's right; for your hardwoods to stay as beautiful and new-looking as possible - it's best just not to step on them with anything but bare feet or socks. This way, they'll never need refinishing because there won't be any dirt or debris for abrasive surfaces like shoe rubber soles that will scratch away at the paint finish of wood planks.
An image of shoes taken off at the door.
The simple act of leaving your shoes at the door can greatly prolong your flooring.

Carpet benefits from being kept free of shoes too

Carpets can benefit from not being walked on with shoes either, as hardwood flooring does. However, when people wear shoes indoors and walk around on the carpet, it will eventually look dirty because of all the dirt and debris that get tracked onto it. Carpets are also more prone to matting down or wearing out if they're stepped on. So take off your shoes at the door!

Dirt, mud, and other materials are ground into the flooring by the heel of your shoe

When you walk indoors with shoes, the dirt on your hardwood flooring will grind in and create an uneven surface. This is what causes scratches to hardwoods floors in Fort Collins, causing them to become dull over time. Carpets can get flat because of all that heavy foot traffic as well!

The more you wear shoes indoors, the faster they will deteriorate 

If hardwood or carpeting is going to wear out, why not make it a little bit longer if you can? The more you wear shoes indoors, the faster they'll deteriorate. We can agree keeping our floors looking lovely for longer is something we all want!

By not wearing shoes indoors, you'll be able to save money on expensive flooring repairs or replacements 

Is hardwood flooring upkeep as simple as keeping your shoes on? (No, not at all!) That's why we highly recommend leaving your shoes at the front or back door, preferably on some sort of shoe stand, so they don't scratch the entrance flooring. If your floors need repair or replacement, don't hesitate to call our local, friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable team here at Element in Fort Collins. Contact us today for a free estimate!