Where To Begin With Substitutions 

When remodeling, the very thought of making so many purchases can be scary. We’re not always sure how much each project may cut into our budget so we tend to hold off on remodeling projects, even when we want or need them. There is no need to fear though! We’ve compiled a list of ways in which you can remodel or redesign a room that is budget-friendly. The best part? Most of them can be done in a relatively short amount of time! Let’s dive right into the list.

An image of a kitchen sink backsplash.
Adding a simple backsplash can make a huge difference in your kitchen's appearance!

Swap Out Your Kitchen Backsplash

You’d be surprised as to how massive a difference simply changing the backsplash in your kitchen can make. There are hundreds of options to choose from ranging from stone to tile and even glass. By switching your backsplash, you’ll be adding a pop of color and intrigue to your kitchen. 

Change Your Dining Room Light Fixture

Your dining room is where you gather, and your eyes often gaze upon the same light fixture for years or even decades. It’s not uncommon to still be using the same light fixture from the previous or previous-previous owners. With just a couple hundred dollars, you can completely change the feel of your dining room with a gorgeous or statement-making centerpiece. It’s amazing how one adjustment can make the room feel updated.

New Kitchen Countertops

Installing new countertops in the kitchen may sound like an expensive project, but with advances in technology, you can get your hands on beautiful new countertops that look pricey but are much more reasonable than you’d expect. As one of the most used surfaces in your house, it’s incredible how a counter swap can lighten the mood of your kitchen or give it more of a luxurious feel, depending on the color and material.

Install New Flooring

Your family room or living room both get a lot of attention, particularly if you have children in your home. If you would love to give one of these rooms a refresh while also increasing the floor’s durability, LVP may be an excellent option for you. Luxury Vinyl Planks, or LVP, have an extremely realistic appearance of real hardwood flooring. They come at a reasonable price, are waterproof, and have a tough top layer, making them a great choice. Gain the luxury and comfort of wood, without buying a custom floor!

A Few Ground Rules That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Before you begin on your home’s remodeling project, it’s important to set a few ground rules for yourself. Perhaps the most important rule is to have a master plan with how far and how far not you are willing to go in terms of your budget. Set a strict budget not to go over, then stick to it. 

Element Can Help You Work Within Your Budget

Our team at Element here in Fort Collins has worked with projects both large and small. If you have a budget you’d like to stay within, please let our staff know. We can assist you in choosing items and styles that look excellent but come at a reasonable price. Visit our storefront or call our team to see all of our options.