There are many ways to match the aesthetic of your home with carpeting, hardwood flooring, or LVP. In this blog post, we will focus on carpeting and hardwood flooring. We will go over how to choose wall paint colors that work well with these types of floors, arguably one of the most essential aspects of planning a new interior design project!

Identify the style of your home - is it modern, traditional, or something else entirely

Once you've decided on a style, the carpet and wall paint colors will be easier to choose. Modern homes are usually paired with lighter carpeting and minimalist color schemes. Traditional housing styles often have dark carpeting that contrasts nicely with light walls. 

Research the types of flooring that are popular for different styles 

If you haven't decided yet on an aesthetic for your home, this may be a good opportunity for you to do some research. This way, you can switch up the look of your home while simultaneously selecting a flooring style that matches it.

Decide on carpeting or hardwood

Carpeting is a popular choice in more traditional homes. These carpets often come with patterns and colors that have been carefully selected to match the home's style. Carpets are also usually soft, which means they're great for children who may be running around the house! Hardwood floors are sometimes chosen by people who want something modern but still like the earthy and natural aspects of real wood in their home.
An image of LVP samples at Element Flooring and Design Center.
LVP is a durable and beautiful flooring choice.

Choose your favorite color scheme between light/bright or dark/muted. If you find yourself drawn towards either of these choices, then make sure to take note and keep that in mind when selecting carpeting, hardwood flooring, or LVP.

Choose a type and color scheme to match your home's mood

No matter what type of flooring you choose for your home's aesthetic, it should still offer the same level of comfort. Carpet is one way to make any room feel cozier! If you're not sure about carpeting but are interested in giving your floors style without sacrificing comfort, then consider installing hardwood flooring. No matter which option you ultimately go with - carpeting or hardwood - both will complement a wide variety of styles and color schemes.

Install new flooring in one room at a time, so you don't overwhelm yourself with too much change all at once

If you've ever felt overwhelmed at the thought of a significant home renovation, then you know how stressful it can be. If that sounds like you, don't worry! We suggest going one room at a time to make sure you're okay with the look, rather than completing the whole home's renovation at once.

Take before and after pictures to document how good it looks!

It's so easy to forget how amazing new carpet installation or hardwood flooring can make your home look - but luckily, you don't have to! Take before and after pictures of the room that has been remodeled and refloored. This way, you can get a great idea of how far you've come and how much you've improved your home's appearance.

Element can help you match your new flooring to your home's style

When it comes to home renovations, there's nothing quite as transformative as redecorating your floors. Not only is this a great way to makeover an entire room in one go, but also you can choose the type of flooring that best suits your style and mood. So how do you know which type of flooring will work for you? It all depends on what kind of vibe you want to give off with your new look! If you have traditional tastes, then hardwood or some carpeting styles might be just the thing for those elegant old-world vibes. However, if modern design is more up your alley, luxury vinyl planks or more modern-looking carpeting are perfect for sleek and minimalist spaces. If you need help deciding, please contact our team today! We can make recommendations and provide a free estimate for new flooring.