Laundry Room Flooring Options in Fort Collins, CO

Laundry Room Flooring Options in Fort Collins, CO

How do you choose laundry room flooring in Fort Collins, CO? With so many options available, it might be a bit of a daunting task to narrow down your choices. The laundry room is a high-traffic area and can sometimes get wet from spills or leaks. It also needs to be comfortable for the user and easy to maintain. You'll also want a material resistant to cleaner and detergent spills. Let's dive into the subject a bit more below!

Top considerations for laundry room flooring

When looking at flooring for your laundry room, you'll want to consider a few things. The following laundry room flooring features are vital to having a great experience when you clean your clothing!


Laundry rooms can get scuffed and scraped sometimes by shoes and laundry baskets, and if your flooring isn't durable, you could end up with a costly replacement. We recommend going with a higher quality product - even if it means spending a little more money for the long run.

Moisture Resistant

A laundry room is a high-traffic area, so it's likely to get wet from spills or leaks. If you choose flooring that won't be damaged by moisture, then you'll have fewer problems with your laundry room floor! This is perhaps the most critical factor as cleaning chemicals, detergent, and washing machine malfunctions can all lead to messy problems that can cause damage to certain types of flooring, like hardwood.
Vinyl sheet flooring.
Modern vinyl sheet flooring can even have delightful wood appearances!


Your laundry room flooring doesn't just need to be durable and moisture resistant. It also needs to feel comfortable under your feet! If you have many people living at home, chances are you'll be spending a lot of time standing and moving around in the laundry room. Make sure you pick something you feel happy standing on for sometimes extended periods.

Ease of cleaning

The laundry room can be a messy place. So you'll want your low-maintenance flooring to resist common cleaners and detergents that come into contact with it. This will help ensure you don't end up spending too much time cleaning the floors, as well as protecting them from damage!

Two of our top recommendations

Vinyl Flooring

We recommend going with vinyl sheets, vinyl planks, or vinyl tile for laundry rooms because of their durability, comfort, and ease-of-maintenance features. Vinyl sheets are flexible and can be cut to size for laundry room flooring jobs. It's also highly durable, so you won't have to worry about replacing it any time soon!

Tile Flooring

While tile flooring may be a bit of a hard surface to stand on, it's still an excellent choice for laundry room flooring in the Fort Collins area. It will resist moisture and cleaning chemicals while also providing you with virtually unbeatable durability, and ease of maintenance. This is especially true if you've had an expert seal the grout lines properly. Tile can be a bit chilly in the winter, but that's all the more reason to add an in-floor heating system to your laundry room! 

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