You may not realize it, but the type of flooring you have in your home can make a difference. We all know that Northern Colorado winters are pretty cold, and if you don't insulate properly, you could end up with drafts wafting through the house. This is where installing appropriate flooring in Fort Collins comes into play. Floor coverings like quality hardwood floors or carpets help keep the heat inside your home by acting as insulation against the natural flow of hot air escaping your home through upward drafts. Let's learn a bit more below about how flooring insulates your home.

Insulating your home with the right flooring in Fort Collins

In addition to limiting drafts, the right flooring in Fort Collins can also help to prevent moisture from seeping into your home. Many people think that insulating a house with proper insulation is enough to keep it warm during the winter and cool during the summer. However, if you have flooring or carpets that allow substantial air through them, they could be making things worse. Old and aging wood flooring, for example, allows air to pass straight through it if there are cracks due to warping. This airflow further widens gaps between boards as air and moisture have a chance to enter the flooring.

The importance of insulation for your home

Insulation is essential for your home no matter where you live, but it's even more critical in Northern Colorado. While Element doesn't specialize in traditional insulation, we can certainly help keep your home more insulated with quality flooring. Also, as we mentioned above, winters around the Fort Collins area can be pretty bitter, and every bit of warming material helps keep you and your family more comfortable.
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A warmer flooring material can make all the difference.

What type of flooring is best for insulating a house?

Several types of flooring can help insulate your home, but the most effective ones at keeping warm air inside are carpet and hardwood. If you have an older house with wooden floors or if they're not in good shape, then it might be better to switch over to a more modern type of floor covering. Carpets, for example, come in all sorts of styles, colors, patterns, designs, and materials, so there's something out there for everyone, no matter how much money you want to spend on decorating your Fort Collins home. If you're particularly interested in keeping your home extra toasty during the winter and keeping cold air in during the summer, a premium wool carpet works wonders.

Need to install the perfect flooring to keep you warm during the winter months?

If you have many ideas about how you'd like to make your flooring in Fort Collins warmer during winter but aren't sure where to start, Element can help. Our experts can provide advice on materials, colors, and styles so that you can find the perfect match for your home's needs. Our seasoned in-house installation experts can then flawlessly install your flooring choice to make your flooring vision come together perfectly. Get in touch with our locally owned and operated Fort Collins flooring and design company today!