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Modern Mountain Style In Fort Collins: A Quick Guide

When modern mountain style first came up in the design industry, it was met with a mix of confusion and skepticism. Who would want to live in a modern mountain home? What does modern mountain even mean? Modern mountain is an interior design trend that blends natural materials like wood and stone with modern conveniences like stainless steel appliances and LED lighting. It's rustic but not too rustic; it's modern but not too modern. Element Flooring And Design Center has years of experience helping homeowners achieve looks like this for their own homes, so we put together this guide to help you decide if modern mountain is right for you.

What Is Modern Mountain style?

This interior design style is a modern version of rustic, cabin-style living. It celebrates modern life with wood, stone, and natural materials. Rooted in cabins and mountain living areas worldwide, you can find this unique aesthetic almost anywhere near a mountain range. Today, modern mountain homes are popping up everywhere, including Fort Collins and across Northern Colorado!

Materials That Have Been Sourced Locally

Colorado has some of the best modern mountain materials. You can use reclaimed wood, quartzite countertops, and glass tile backsplashes in modern mountain homes, along with furniture created from repurposed beetle-kill wood. The options for using local materials are nearly endless.

Neutral Color Selections

Modern mountain homes have typically neutral color palettes. However, a modern mountain home can include gray tones, black elements, and even natural wood colors like beige or yellow. The modern mountain look does not feature bold colors for the most part, which makes it an excellent choice for homeowners who appreciate more subtle decorating options.
Modern Mountain Design
Using natural wood colors as a theme is crucial to modern mountain style.

Uncluttered Interior Design

Modern mountain homes are typically uncluttered, which is a modern design concept. There aren't necessarily tons of hunting trophies, antlers, knick-knacks, or accessories - it's all about the clean lines and using modern materials to create spaces that feel warm, inviting, and cozy (while still maintaining a mountain mood).

Large Windows And Doors To Let In Light

The best thing about living in Northern Colorado is, no doubt, the gorgeous mountains. If you have a view of the Rockies from your home, you'll want to let in that stunning mountain view. Modern mountain homes are typically designed with large windows and glass doors to let in lots of natural light.

Take Advantage Of The Views Outside Your Home

One good thing about modern mountain design is that it's all about the views outside your home! So if you live near a national park or an area with gorgeous mountains, take advantage by designing your modern mountain home around those breathtaking views. Big picture windows can help bring nature indoors while also creating stunning focal points for modern mountain decorating ideas.

Schedule A Consultation With Element

There are numerous reasons why homeowners might want a modern mountain interior design style for their own living space. You may want a space that is rustic but not over the top with its old-fashioned appeal. It's an excellent option for those who want a cabin feel to their home without losing some of the style and elegance modern design can bring. With Element Flooring And Design Center, our team of interior designers can help you create just that kind of look in Fort Collins when it comes to modernizing your living space. Get in touch today!