Modern eclectic design is a modern take on the traditional, eclectic style. It mixes modern and vintage elements to create an attractive, modern look for your home. The modern side of this style is about clean lines, sleek furniture pieces, muted colors, natural materials, and industrial accents. The eclectic side comes from mixing in more traditional or antique furniture pieces with these modern ones. You can also add some more colorful accessories into the mix to really make your space pop. Let's dive into more detail below about how you transform your Fort Collins area home with a modern eclectic style!

Clean lines and sleek furniture

The modern side of this design style comes from clean lines and sleek furniture pieces. Therefore, you'll want to avoid adding ornate details like curvy legs, decorative patterns, or upholstery that make your space feel more traditional. Instead, look for modern style furniture with a strong emphasis on the materials used (natural wood finishes are always great) and try to choose simple shapes with straight edges where possible. For example, if you're looking at buying a table, consider opting for one without any extra flourishes or decorations around it; this will make your room feel more modern overall rather than taking away from its sleekness!
A modern eclectic room.
Modern eclectic rooms are an interesting mix of muted colors and vibrant accessories.

Industrial accents

Industrial accents are a big part of modern eclectic design. These can take the form of metal, glass, or other industrial materials that have been used in modern decorating recently. This is another way to mix modern and traditional together for a unique finished product. For example, you might want an industrial-style lampshade with a more vintage-looking chandelier hanging from your ceiling - these two pieces work well when put next to each other even though they come from entirely different time periods because they share this common theme of being inspired by industry!

Vibrantly colored accessories

The modern side of modern eclectic design doesn't mean your space has to be completely monochromatic; in fact, adding some vibrantly colored accessories can make this style stand out even more! You'll probably want to stick with bold colors like bright blues, reds, and yellows (though you certainly don't have to!) instead of opting for pale shades that blend into the background. Mixing different styles is essential here, too - try putting modern art next to a vintage clock on the wall, for example.

Examples of modern eclectic decor

Modern eclectic design is all about mixing modern and vintage pieces to create a unique style. This means that you'll want to look for items with clean lines, natural materials, industrial accents, and modern colors when shopping around Fort Collins! Here are some examples of modern eclectic decor:

- Modern coffee table made from reclaimed wood paired with an antique china cabinet

- A modern art piece hung next to a large mirror with a classic frame

- A brightly colored upholstered chair sitting across from an oak dining room set on top of a colorful area rug

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