Hosting a party is an exciting occasion. So naturally, people want to make their home as welcoming and comfortable as possible for guests, but sometimes they neglect the floors of their house. If you're hosting a party soon, there are three things you should do today to prepare the guest room and dining room floors for your gathering.

Vacuum, sweep, or mop your floors regularly

This will keep them clean and fresh-looking. In addition, your guests will appreciate a clean floor, and it will make your home seem more welcoming.

If you don't want to do this yourself, we recommend hiring a trustworthy local cleaning service. They can also shampoo your carpets and provide other services that will keep the floors in excellent condition. This is especially helpful if you have pets or kids who make it difficult for your regular vacuum cleaner to pick up everything. In addition, cleaning companies often use newer and more powerful technology that can pick up what you can't do on your own.

A good floor maintenance plan ensures guests always see clean and beautiful floors when they visit. It isn't much effort once everything has been set up correctly, but not having the right tools makes things more complicated than necessary. Keep these tips in mind next time someone is planning on visiting!

Don't forget to sweep in the corners of the room where dirt and dust accumulate

Corners are parts of the room that are often easily overlooked but can draw negative attention if left unkempt. When hosting parties, you want to make sure that your floors are clean and free of dirt and dust.
A photo of a flooring being sweeped.
Simply sweeping your entire guest or dining room can give it a shiny, like-new appearance.

To sweep the corners of a room:
  1. Use both hands to take hold of the broom's handle. You will use the left hand for pulling the broom towards yourself while the right one is there for balance.
  2. Sweep up all dust in every corner until it becomes unnoticeable or imperceptible by guests.
  3. Be careful when using this technique on wooden flooring, as too much pressure can cause scratches.

Place pads under heavy furniture such as couches, beds, and dining tables to prevent scratches or damage to flooring surfaces

When you have guests over, you often have to move furniture around beforehand. Depending on how much and how heavy of furniture you have, you might want to place down protective pads before moving anything. This will ensure that your flooring won't become the victim of unsightly permanent scratches.

There are many different kinds of furniture protectors for floors available on the market today, and you'll find some in most hardware stores. These protective pads come in various shapes and sizes, depending on what type of flooring surfaces they're meant to cover. For example, there are felt pieces that rest under dining room chairs while large rubber pads may lie underneath couches and beds. When selecting a pad for your needs, make sure its size is appropriate to prevent damage from occurring when placing heavy objects over them.

Element can help with flooring maintenance advice

With so many different options available these days, it can be challenging to know flooring in Fort Collins in Fort Collins. Our local professionals stand ready to answer any questions you may have about your flooring. Give us a call at our local Northern Colorado flooring and design showroom to learn more about flooring maintenance!