There are many flooring options that you may be considering when it comes to nursery room flooring. Carpet, wood flooring, and laminate are a few of the top nursery room flooring options you will come across at your local flooring store in Fort Collins. Of course, a lot of people have their own opinions on which is best for nursery rooms, but in this blog post, we'll help you decide by going over the benefits each option offers as well as how using an area rug can add a bit of color and style to your nursery room!

Laminate Flooring

Laminate nursery room flooring is an excellent option for many reasons. Laminate flooring comes in wood or stone designs and has the appearance of hardwood flooring but without much of the maintenance that real hardwood floors need! In addition, these nursery room flooring options are water-resistant, so you can easily clean them if something gets spilled on them; plus, you don't have to worry about humidity damage like with some other materials. Furthermore, nursery room laminate flooring is very durable and strong, so if your nursery has heavy traffic, you can be confident that it will not break or chip over time.

Carpeting For Your Nursery

Another nursery room option for those looking for maximum comfort is carpeting. If your nursery room has a high amount of foot traffic, this could be the best option for you as nursery room carpets are soft underfoot, offer cushion, and help absorb noise! There are also many different types of patterns and textures available with nursery room carpets, such as Berber styles which provide great color options in addition to comfortability underfoot.
Wood flooring in a nursery room.
Wood flooring is a popular, beautiful, and easy-to-clean nursery room flooring choice.

Wood Flooring

Lastly, wood flooring is a very popular nursery room option. Wood nursery rooms can offer a classy and sophisticated look while still being durable enough for high-traffic areas within the room (to and from the crib). These wood flooring options come in many different styles, such as hardwood or engineered to give you plenty of color options, all with widely varying price points so that everyone can find something they love.

Why An Area Rug Is A Great Idea

What's great about having an area rug above your chosen flooring option is that it makes any nursery design pop even more! So whether you decide on carpet, laminate, or wood, adding an area rug by the crib will bring everything together into one gorgeous aesthetic.

Let Our Northern Colorado Flooring And Design Team Help!

At Element Flooring And Design Center in Northern Colorado, we are always happy to help you pick out the perfect nursery room flooring. We have nearly 20 years of flooring experience in Fort Collins, so let us be your design team! So if nursery rooms are what's on your mind, give our local Fort Collins design center a call today for more information about nursery options and beyond.