Wood-look Flooring Has Many More Options Than You’d Think

Hardwood floors are one of the most coveted types of flooring for nearly any household. They increase resale value, look great, and are loved by just about everyone. While we can almost all agree hardwood floors are great, there are a few drawbacks. The price of quality hardwood flooring is considerably higher than other alternatives. The maintenance and cleaning processes of hardwood are also a bit more involved than some other alternatives.

Today we’ll be discussing alternative wood-look floors that will give you that gorgeous hardwood floor appearance you’ve been craving, but noticeably less maintenance and a lower price tag too! Take a look below at a few of our recommendations.

Wood-look Luxury Vinyl

Over the years vinyl has grown exponentially in quality and durability. It’s even grown to the point now where ‘luxury’ vinyl exists! This hyper-realistic wood-alternative is composed of multiple layers. These layers add to its comfort, longevity, water resistance, and realism. The topmost layer protects the floor from scratches and scuffs, as well as repels most liquids. Just under the protective layer lies the section that makes all the magic happen. It's made of high-definition photographs of real wood. Luxury vinyl comes in a huge variety of wood looks ranging from dark to light.
An image of a boho-themed room with wood-look flooring.
Modern flooring technology has progressed significantly, allowing realistic and affordable wood-look options.

Wood-look Laminate

Traditionally, when we hear the word laminate, we tend to think of plastics or something that might be obviously artificial. Laminate flooring has progressed considerably in recent years and it is now one of the most cost-effective options when forgoing real hardwood. Modern wood-look laminates are similar to wood-look luxury vinyls, in that they both have a real wood photographic-like appearance and even grain patterns. It’s also incredibly durable compared to real hardwood and the cost is noticeably lower. 

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is another excellent alternative to hardwood, both in durability and price range. The very top layer has a real, classic wood look and it is available in just about any style of commonly used hardwood floor. Similar to luxury vinyl, engineered hardwood contains multiple layers. The bottom layer is made of bonded ply. This provides it with a tough base that prevents moisture and temperature-related expansion and shrinking. This is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a hyper-realistic wood look with bolstered durability and longevity. 

Let Us Help You Select The Perfect Wood-look Flooring

When choosing flooring for your home in Northern Colorado, our team understands the options are near endless. It can be confusing without an expert on your side to help guide you through all your options and what may be the best selection for your room and home. Durability, luxury, budget, and style all need to be taken into account for each room. We invite you to get to know our highly experienced team of flooring professionals. From the very first step, we’ll have your back. Be sure to contact our team today with any questions you may have about wood-look flooring or any other design questions!