It’s important first to note that ultimately what color you put in your home has to make you happy, regardless of the current trend. That being said, there are definitely a few color themes that seem to be quite popular this year. Which color scheme is flourishing this year the most depends on which designer you ask, but we’ve narrowed down some of the most popular wood floor colors. Let’s dive right into what colors we think will be great for your home.

Lights And Darks

A common theme we’re seeing this year is lights and darks, which both provide a simple, yet elegant and modern look to your home. Trending colors in the light category include gray, whitewashed, and even light brown. All of these colors are easy to match to your room’s aesthetic, and they don’t distract from your beautiful furniture and centerpieces. Particularly whitewashed and gray wood flooring will give the room a modern, and potentially even minimalist look, which is oh so popular right now.

A picture of a light wood floor room with a dog.
Lights and darks are in this year for wood flooring.

Darker Shades

Because minimalism and simple elegance has garnered more attention recently, it’s no surprise that black or darker shades of hardwood are becoming increasingly popular. The trend has begun to show that colors that are cool and desaturated are making a comeback. Oppositely, warmer colors that contain yellow hues or undertones are not quite as popular for 2021’s wood floor color trends.

Two-Tone And High Variation Styles

For those that may not want to commit to a solid, uniform color for their entire hardwood floor, there are several options. Two-toned floors break up the monotony of the room and give a fun, yet lived-in and classy look. With wide selections of two-tones to choose from, you’ll have plenty to consider. 

With high-variation styles (a 2021 favorite so far), you’ll be giving your floor a very natural look, as the color combinations involved are usually from the same tree or type of wood. What’s the primary benefit of choosing high-variation hardwood? It gives the appearance that you’ve ordered a completely custom floor, which is bound to impress your family and guests.


While many of the trending colors in 2021 are more subdued, copper-colored hardwood flooring is the exception. Copper has the unique ability to make your room appear more spacious and open. Additionally, it provides a nice warmth perfect for a room you’ll want to spend a lot of time feeling comfortable in. Copper-colored hardwood flooring is sometimes also known as honey wood floors. While we do recommend this color for 2021’s trends, we stand firm in the belief that it is also an instant classic and will not go out of style for ages to come. 

Let Our Flooring Experts Help Decide On A Color

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