The last year has taught us that a wide variety of jobs can be done from one’s home. Some jobs, even once thought impossible from home, are now being done through various software and web cameras. All this time at home has allowed many of us to set up home offices to make our work environment a bit more comfortable. Over time, we may have begun to realize that our home office could use a few improvements. Namely, flooring.

New flooring in your home office can inspire you and add a professional appearance.

You’d be surprised how much a new flooring option can make a difference in the overall feel of your office, and how it may even help you concentrate. Having your office feel like an office is extremely important when it comes to being able to concentrate and put yourself in a professional state of mind. We’ll discuss below our top recommendations for home offices and why they’d be a good fit for your work style or personality. 


While some may tend to think that carpet may be reserved for living rooms, families rooms, or even bedrooms, carpet can make an excellent choice for your home office. Wall-to-wall carpet offers a more luxurious feeling to your home office and comes in an extremely wide array of color and material options. 

Not only does carpet provide that soft, comforting feel to it while walking around the office, it also has a few bonus perks. If your home office tends to get cold, especially in the mornings, carpet is definitely a warmer choice than hardwood, tile, or stone. Carpeting also has the added benefit of being much quieter than other flooring options


Perhaps the most classic choice for your home, office hardwood flooring adds a unique and professional look to the room. It definitely helps identify the room as a separate place to work. Hardwood, while elegant, can become damaged over time through everyday use and will need occasional maintenance, cleaning, and refinishing. However, damage such as scratches and scuffs can add a degree of flavor and ruggedness to the room that some may appreciate. 


Vinyl Flooring is not what it used to be! Luxury vinyl planks (LVP) are a superb way to mimic the look of a wide array of flooring types including hardwood or stone. Vinyl flooring comes in pieces or planks and can be installed by the homeowner, although we strongly recommend using a professional, as corners and walls can be tricky during installation. Vinyl is not quite as comfortable to walk on as carpet, but it creates a professional feel to your office and its customizations options are second to none.


Stone flooring is perhaps the most durable of all options for your home office, as it is quite difficult to damage from everyday accidents like dropping things. It needs very little maintenance and it screams luxury to any clients or guests you may have visiting the room. It can get fairly cold if you keep your home thermostat set at lower temperatures or if the room is drafty. That being said, if your home office leads to the outdoors through a patio doorway, stone flooring can bridge the gap quite nicely.  


Tile flooring is also an excellent choice for giving your office that luxury feeling you’ve always wanted. Similar to stone flooring in terms of the atmosphere it provides, tile flooring gives a clean professional look. It’s also extremely easy to clean when compared to carpet or hardwood options. Like carpet, tile also comes in a wide variety of unique styles and colors. It can also fit perfectly even in rooms with irregular floor plans. 


The truth is, no matter what your taste is, there is a flooring option that can meet your home office needs. It all depends on your personality, how the style may fit with your business, and the look you are trying to achieve for the room. Whatever flooring you choose, be sure to check out this awesome list of different office floor plans that will help give your office the perfect mood. While we recommend staying away from shag carpet, our friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff at Element Flooring & Design Center can help you achieve the perfect look. We’ll help you see the project through from start to finish! Get in touch with us today!