Carpeting is one of those things that you don't think about until it starts to show signs of wear. Once the carpeting has been in your home for ten years or more, its time may be up. However, this isn't always the case. If you have pets and/or young children who are constantly spilling food and drinks on your carpets, then you will want to replace them sooner than someone with a low-traffic living space. This blog post will help guide you by identifying when to call a professional for carpet replacement!

The carpet is worn out and no longer soft or comfortable

If you've noticed your carpet doesn't have the same level of comfort as it used to, it's most likely a sign the carpet fibers aren't standing up properly anymore. As a result, the carpet may have a "furry" look to it. This is because the fibers are likely pulling away from the backing, making them hard and uncomfortable for you and your guests. In addition, an older carpet sometimes looks like the individual carpet fibers are all lying down. This not only gives away the carpet's age, but makes it a harder, more uncomfortable surface to walk on for you and your guests.

You can see the backing of your carpet through some areas

This is a sign that the carpet fibers are worn down and no longer able to stand up. They may even be so worn that they're entirely separating from the base of the carpet. If you're looking at your carpet from an angle, it may look transparent or see-through in some spots. You can also feel these areas with your hand and find that they're more course than soft. That'll make for tough walking on them as well!
An image of a worn out carpet.
You can tell it's time to replace your carpet when you see signs like discoloration and fading.

Your carpet has a strong odor that won't go away, even after cleaning

Your carpet may smell funky or musty. If you've cleaned it, but the odor still lingers, it's time to replace your carpet. This is usually a sign that the smell has thoroughly fused itself to the carpet fibers. It's especially true if you've hired a professional carpet cleaner and the odors return after a few days. This is a surefire sign you need to replace your carpet. You may also need to replace the carpet pad and potentially even disinfect and bleach the base flooring or plywood underneath.

There are stains on the carpets that just don't come off with regular cleaning methods 

If your carpet is dirty and greasy or has a sticky feel to it, this will be exceedingly difficult to remove using standard cleaning products. In addition, pet stains that have caused permanent discolorations are also a telltale sign that your carpeting is beyond repair.

Another vital thing to keep in mind is how often spills happen at home - especially during holidays like Thanksgiving, where there's likely to be more than one type of dish being served and subsequently dropped! If you live in a household where your carpet has experienced years of spills here and there, it's most likely time to replace that carpet.

Element can inspect your carpet and offer a free estimate

We know that your Fort Collins carpet is the foundation of a comfortable home. You spend hours on it every day, enjoying its comfort and softness while you do everything from watching TV to reading books or playing games with friends. The last thing you want is for your carpets to become worn out, uncomfortable, and feature a questionable appearance. With Element's expert staff, we can ensure your home's carpeting is new and matches the look of your room and the overall style of your home! From our free estimate process all the way through installation, we make sure each customer receives top-notch service at a reasonable price. Contact us today to learn more about carpet types and how our team can help keep your home as comfortable as possible!