For those of us thinking about owning a furry canine friend, you may be wondering, “Why does the type of wood flooring matter with a dog?” The rest of us who have owned a dog and have hardwood in the home can relate as to why it definitely matters. What matters is that you find a wood flooring option that will hold up to your dog’s paws and claws over time and still look stylish and attractive from day to day. 



Cork flooring is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. It has become popular in recent years because it’s durable, eco-friendly, and low maintenance. Cork flooring stands up well to scratches from furniture and other household items like dogs or cats that love to run around the house. As long as you’re not walking on your cork floors with shoes on all day every day, they’ll hold up nicely over time!

Cork flooring is also eco-friendly. Cork trees are harvested every nine years, so there’s plenty of time for the tree to grow back and be cut again! As an added bonus, cork trees produce a natural ant repellent that requires no harmful chemicals or pesticides. 

The best part about cork floors? They’re low maintenance. All you need to do is sweep them with a broom once in a while – we recommend doing this on your hands and knees to get any dirt caught up in those deep crevices between the boards. It doesn’t take much more than water and vinegar to clean up spills either! That means less time spent mopping each day (or week!) – which can really add up over time.

As cute as your furry canine friends are, they can cause damage to your flooring over time. You’ll want to select a durable hardwood floor to reduce their impact!


Maple flooring is a beautiful, natural product that has been used for centuries. Maple’s durability makes it an excellent choice for any home or business looking to maintain its beauty and value over the years. With so many options available in terms of style, color, and finish, there’s no limit to what you can do with maple flooring! It’s an excellent choice if you have pets like dogs and cats in the home due to its durability.

The durability of maple flooring can be attributed to its design. Most often, it is a layered product with hardwood veneers on top and softwood underneath so as not to damage the surface while walking over it. Some varieties are also made from layers of plywood or particleboard. There’s no need for sandpaper, staining, or polishing because this type of flooring has an already-finished coat that makes them resistant to wear and tear due to moisture and spills!

Maple floors are long-lasting thanks in part to their natural beauty. The rich coloration they produce will ensure your home remains looking beautiful year after year without fading away like other types of flooring might do.


Bamboo flooring is a type of hardwood floor that has become increasingly popular over the last few years. You may be wondering whether or not bamboo flooring will stand up to your everyday wear and tear. The answer? Absolutely! Bamboo is very durable, making it a great choice for busy families with children and pets who are looking for something that can hold up to their active lifestyles.

Bamboo’s durability is one of its biggest benefits. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, scratching from pets and kids’ toys, high humidity levels, air pollutants, moisture in the form of water spills, or condensation on cold surfaces – even many household cleaners! The material does wear down over time if it isn’t properly maintained with periodic refinishing, but that’s expected for any type of wood floor. When you do have to sand and refinish your floors as needed, they’ll come out looking beautiful because a new finish will bring back their natural luster.


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