Tile is an excellent option for covering your floors. While there are many good options for your floors like wood, laminates, and sheet goods, tile is versatile, durable, and resistant to damage that commonly affects other materials. In addition, it is low maintenance and will add beauty to your house for years to come. It comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, and almost everyone can find a good fit for their home. 


The variety and functional considerations, though, can be a challenge when you need to narrow down what’s best for your home. Given that tile is a long-term choice, you want to give it a good amount of thought. That’s where working with a professional can be the best decision you can make. 

Tile comes in so much more than rectangles and squares! We can work with you to find the perfect pattern for your home in the Fort Collins area.

Given their experience, training, and exposure to thousands of work sites, home designs, and interior placement, you can take what may feel like an intimidating task and make it both enjoyable and manageable. With Element, you can relax with our staff and go over the essential items necessary for them to recommend the best possible fit for you. 


Our staff will focus on decision criteria such as location, available light, traffic patterns, and safety (think texture and slippery areas). They will also cover your preferences, such as what feeling you would like to project for the area, whether you want to incorporate it as a bright accent or add a muted, calming effect to the space. 

In high-traffic areas, you will likely want a highly durable tile that is easy to clean and safe for those who may frequently be transitioning between rooms, or something that is finely detailed with smaller patterns for bathrooms or sitting areas that will see less use. Will your areas be used by guests or other visitors frequently, or will this be a sitting room more likely to be used by the family in slippers or stocking feet?


There may be constraints that need to be considered, such as the choice of wall colors, shape of the rooms, lack of light, or the transition to adjacent areas. Do you want to make the room look larger, less busy, or do you want a more intimate setting? The choice of tiles will make a difference, as will the installation pattern and spacing of the tiles. You need to consider all of these items in your final choice.   


Whatever your needs, feel confident that Element Flooring will take care of you and your home, and help you evaluate the many options available. Our staff can do on-site visits, get a feel for your existing space, and have an appreciation for what you’d like to accomplish. Every room and perspective is unique, and we’ll help transform your space into a work of art. Element has an extensive selection to choose from and the experience to find exactly what you’re looking for! So be sure to give us a call today.