If you vacuum your home regularly, perhaps once or twice a week, you may be wondering why it’s necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaner more than once every few years. If you are vacuuming well, it should be sufficient, right? Here’s where the answer gets a bit more complicated. 

Vacuums are great for cleaning and removing larger chunks of dust and debris from your carpet, but they simply don’t have the power and technology to completely deep-clean your carpet. They also do not have sanitization systems, so you aren’t able to fully deep-clean the area. The exception to this would be if you were to purchase professional carpet cleaning equipment and vacuums (we don’t recommend this due to price). Furthermore, carpets and rugs vary greatly depending on the brand and material. 

An image of a carpet being cleaned.
Having your carpet cleaned can greatly extend its life!

Each carpet is unique
 and has its own set of prescribed cleaning methods. By hiring a professional cleaner, you can rest easy knowing they are trained in cleaning a wide variety of different carpets. This means they will know exactly how to properly treat and protect the great investment you’ve put into your home. 


There are quite a few factors that go into deciding how often you need to clean your carpet. Room traffic, the number of people living in your home, the number of pets, and the number of children can all increase the need for more frequent cleaning. However, as a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to consider cleaning your carpet once a year.

By using professional carpet cleaners at least once a year, you’ll not only be keeping your home safer from allergens like dust and bacteria, you’ll also be lengthening the life of your carpet. Replacing a nice carpet is an investment, so you’ll want to take care to protect it with this type of regular yearly cleaning. 


Unfortunately, the world of carpet cleaning has its own group of nefarious organizations looking to make a quick buck off of scamming you. They’ll either completely ditch your service appointment or use various tactics to upsell you and under-serve you. 

As with many deals that seem “too good to be true”, scam carpet cleaners have some prices and services that just don’t match reality. If you are offered a very low fixed price with a ton of add-ons available, this might be a scam, or at least somewhat of a hustle. Most reputable carpet cleaning services will look to charge you per square foot rather than per room. Without knowing your room size, it doesn’t make sense for them to give you a set price. This leads us to our next topic… price. 


As we mentioned above, the price of cleaning your carpet will almost always be dictated by the square footage that needs to be covered. Additional factors that play a role in the price are the type of carpet and how much attention it needs. 

While we can’t give a direct quote since each cleaning business has its own rates, we’re confident in saying that based on information obtained on, you can expect to pay roughly $0.25 per square foot. For the average room, that comes out to about $25 to $70. 

No matter what you pay, we here at Element want your investment in your beautiful carpet protected, so be sure to schedule your annual cleaning. Contact our team today to find out what kind of carpeting options we offer.