Sometimes known as radiant floor heating, in-floor heating systems are composed of a series of tubes hidden underneath your flooring. They are wrapped usually in a pattern to cover as much of the floor as possible. These tubes or pipes usually belong to one of two systems. Hydronic systems pump boiling water through the pipes to keep your floors toasty. The other option is electric radiant. This option tends to be more common in individual rooms such as a kitchen or bathroom. 

Both of these options radiate heat evenly across your floor, which then rises upwards. Contrary to traditional forced-air heating systems, in-floor heating allows for your feet to stay warm and toasty while the hot air gently rises upwards. This keeps your whole body warm, as opposed to vents that keep the top of the room hot while your toes are freezing. This is especially important if you dislike having cold feet before and after bathing (or visiting the bathroom in the middle of a winter night).

Making your bathroom cozy might be as simple as getting an in-floor heating system.


When you choose in-floor heating for your bathroom, you’re choosing comfort. Let’s go over a few of the pros below.

Perhaps the most important benefit to your bathroom with in-floor heating is that you’ll be getting uniform heating. Because it covers almost the entire floor, there won’t be cold spots or chilly corners of the room. Say hello to a nice even and ambient temperature all around your body. 

If forced air systems have caused your allergies to act up, you needn’t worry with an in-floor heating system. No air is blown and all heating is indirect, so you’ll never need to worry about dirty air filters… which brings us to our next point. 

With a system like this, there is virtually no maintenance at all. This is especially true for electric systems. There are no moving parts and no liquid to worry about leaking or causing corrosion. An electric in-floor heating system is more or less a “set it and forget it” type of device. It’s just another way it’ll bring you comfort because it’ll provide peace of mind. 

For the majority of homes, you’ll be looking at an increase in heating efficiency, which will likely result in lowering your monthly utilities costs. Because there is no potentially leaky ductwork, your system retains almost all of the heat it produces. 

The benefit is simple, but you should know. It’s quiet. No machinery or moving parts to make any sounds. Relax and enjoy your shower without hearing the noise of a squeaky vent in your bathroom. 


While the negative points of this system are few, it’s important we mention them. We want you to select a system that is right for your home. 

Your bathroom flooring will need to be torn up and replaced. Chances are, you were already thinking about replacing your bathroom’s flooring so this is somewhat of a minor issue.

If you have a large and sprawling bathroom, it may be a little on the costly side. Usually, you’re going to be paying per square foot, so larger rooms will raise the price of your in-floor heating system. (We still think the warm bathroom floor is worth it.)

This next con is very minor. By adding a heating system to your floor like this, you’ll be slightly raising the height of the floor. You may notice a slight step up by a few centimeters or inches when entering your bathroom. Some systems are only fractions of an inch thick, so the difference is virtually negligible. 


If you enjoy having a comfortable bathroom, we say it is absolutely worth adding one of these systems. The warm ambient heat in the room will make your feet thank you. Not to mention, your guests will notice right away how incredible the floor feels when they walk into the room. For those that love spending time in the bath or shower, this heating option is a must. 

If you are thinking about replacing your bathroom flooring, our experienced team can help you make a selection that matches your style, budget, and functional needs. Ask us more about in-floor heating systems and how we can help by getting in touch with us today!