Wool carpet may be something many of us haven’t given much thought to or even heard much about. If you are looking for a truly luxurious experience while also keeping your floors soft and comfortable, wool is the way to go. 

From the moment you first touch wool carpeting, you’ll realize how it has a unique and top-shelf feel to it. It has very tightly packed fibers that give it a high-end and durable texture. Despite being such a wonderful flooring choice, wool makes up roughly less than 1 percent of the total broadloom market. This makes it a very prestigious option for rooms that you’d particularly like to showcase in your home, such as a living room. Let’s dive into why wool carpet makes such a great choice.

Wool carpeting is not only luxurious – it adds to your home’s resale value!


Naturally being a tough fiber, wool’s resiliency makes it a great choice for longevity. When we discuss the word resiliency, we’re talking about how quickly the fiber will return to its normal state after being compressed. The better your carpet’s resiliency is, the longer it should be able to keep its brand-new appearance. While nylon may be a bit more resistant to abrasion and resilient, wool is completely natural. Having a natural carpet in your home may be important to many people, especially those who have an allergy or sensitivity to nylon. 


Wool carpet is more absorbent, and thus, more susceptible to stains. It does, however, offer great resistance to soil. What’s the difference between soil and stains? Namely, dirt or dust vs liquid or oil type stains. The natural fibers of wool have tiny scales that help block soil from becoming deeply entrenched in your carpet. A bonus factor with these microscopic scales is that they don’t reflect light easily. How does that help, you ask? When a carpet is less reflective, soiled areas of the carpet are less visible, giving the appearance that your carpet is cleaner. We can all agree a cleaner appearing carpet is something we can definitely live with.


By adding this prestigious-looking and luxurious-feeling carpet to your living room or master bedroom, you instantly give your real estate agent something great to brag about if you are planning on putting your home on the market. Because of its luxury and value, it’s no wonder why so many see a wool carpet as an investment in their home. 

Wool carpeting can remain durable and stylish for many years, but there are a few cases where you may want to consider choosing a different style of carpeting or flooring altogether. For homes that have small children or pets, you may want to choose an even more durable flooring format, simply because you don’t want your investment to become worn down unnecessarily quickly. If the room you are considering has high foot traffic, even among adults, you may want to consider installing wool carpet in a slightly less busy area of the home. This way you’ll keep your beautiful high-end carpet for many years to come. If you have any questions about wool carpeting, be sure to contact our friendly Fort Collins flooring staff today!