For someone new to the world of flooring, say perhaps a new homeowner, tile may seem like something from the past. The truth is that tile has remained a reliable go-to for decades, if not centuries. With an almost infinite number of combinations, textures, and colors, tile remains extraordinarily popular. Below, we’ll describe some of the mosaic tile trends to watch for in 2021 and potentially beyond. Let’s dive right in. 


What is mosaic tile exactly? Mosaic tile simply means using (generally) smaller tiles of a certain color or set of colors to create a mosaic. These mosaics are often on a chosen wall of your bathroom or shower room. Mosaic tiles are not limited to these rooms by any means, though! These mosaics can come in different textures and tile shapes, but the goal of mosaic tile is to create a unique aspect to each room that makes the room stand out and create a sense of curiosity or wonder. 

The different designs and combinations of mosaic tile are nearly infinite!


These tiles are resistant to water, are quite durable, and they’ve been a staple of home design for ages due to their reliability. While they have been commonly used for decades, we still want to highlight mosaic tile due to recent advancements in their style and the different ways of using them. 

Tile makers have been stepping up their game in terms of individual tile design and offer selections that can create a very artistic feel to any room. This includes the backsplash behind your bathroom or even kitchen sink. There is a jaw-dropping amount of colors, sizes, and shapes available from manufacturers these days. You can customize your backsplash to exactly what you want!


When we think about tile patterns, our first thoughts might go toward imagining a series of square tiles forming a design. The mosaic tiles of today are so much more than just squares! You can find modern tiles in a huge variety of shapes in sizes, meaning you can create just about any design you can dream up. 

To name just a few, you can get long and slender chevron-style mosaic tiles that perfectly intermesh with each other, creating a stunning and unique wall pattern. More tiles are also coming in unique shapes like triangles and trapezoids. These can be combined in a huge variety of ways to create truly special mosaics. You can even add an additional dimension to your design by including accent colors in these mosaics. Particularly interesting, you can use marble tiles that “overlap” one another to create a gorgeous art deco appearance. 


Element understands it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends in not only mosaic tile but also flooring and home design in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado in general. That’s why our team is dedicated to always keeping on these trends as well as looking for what styles may be next. Whatever selection you’re looking at, we’ll be sure to help you choose a style that is trendy, but also something that won’t age poorly as the years go by. Contact us today to get started on your mosaic tile or other home design needs.