We’ve all experienced how frustrating maintaining and cleaning a floor can be. This is especially true when it’s notoriously difficult to clean flooring options such as long carpeting. When you live with pets and children, you’re bound to come across accidents, wear & tear, and damage on a somewhat regular basis. There is hope around the corner though! There are a number of choices you can make when it comes to low-maintenance flooring, and many of them are highly durable as well. Let’s dive right into some of the best options below.

Both hardwood flooring and LVP come in an incredible variety of beautiful and low-maintenance styles.


There’s nothing quite like the classic look of real hardwood floors. They’re fairly durable, last for years, and provide a comforting look to just about any room. People have been using wooden floors for centuries, if not thousands of years, so when we walk into a room with a wooden floor, there’s something very natural and human about the atmosphere it provides. It is simultaneously simple and luxurious, and you and your guests will love it. Maintenance is infinitely easier than carpeting, so you can breathe easy knowing you won’t have to constantly be on top of your floor’s upkeep. 

While hardwood is durable it is prone to damage from scratches, especially in high traffic areas. While this may be considered a weakness by some, it can be considered a strength of the flooring by others! Over time the scratches can begin to give the flooring a storied and cozy look. By cleaning spills immediately, vacuuming weekly, and using furniture pads, you can greatly extend the life of your floor. If the floor begins to become worn down, you can always refinish it every 3-5 years.


Vinyl flooring may sound like a relic from our parent’s home, but this sturdy material has made significant advances in recent years. It has gained both a more realistic appearance and increased durability. If you live in a home with children or pets, you know just how quickly floors can get roughed up, scratched, or even stained. LVP Flooring and most vinyl flooring panels are completely waterproof. This is done through its multi-layer technology that contains a waterproof layer, and a top scratch-resistant layer. This combination makes it a superb choice for busy households. It can simply be swept or dry mopped for most cases.


When we hear the word tile, we may tend to imagine it being fragile. Quite oppositely, ceramic tile flooring is composed of clay, stone, and sand, and becomes extremely hard when blended. For areas that get a lot of water exposure, this may be the best option for low maintenance. Even if constantly exposed to water, ceramic tile won’t become damaged. Should you need to occasionally clean your ceramic tile flooring, the process is quite simple. In most cases, simply dusting the tiles is enough. In the case of a stain, gently rubbing with warm water or a non-abrasive cleaning product can easily remove the issue.