How Your Home’s Flooring Can Increase Its Resale Value

What Kind Of Floors Are Home Buyers Looking For?

This may not come as much of a surprise to the experienced homebuyer, but when it comes to what buyers want, hardwood floors are a clear frontrunner. Many real estate agents even agree that homes featuring wood floors sell up to up to 10% more than homes without them. 
A picture of living room with wood flooring
Living rooms are often a great place to start when installing hardwood flooring and to increase your home's value.

Recent surveys have even shown that more than half of homebuyers were willing to shell out extra money to have a home with hardwood floors. While hardwood is a surefire attraction for buyers, it’s important to recognize that not all hardwood floors will bring in the same amount of resale value. The current trends show that homes that use hardwood floors in chic or rustic styles tend to provide better resale value.

Do The Room And Flooring Combination Matter?

The short answer to this question is yes. Having carpeting in the kitchen or having porcelain tile in your bedroom might be quite the put-off for potential buyers. Aside from these more obvious examples, the type of flooring you have in each room may not matter as much as you’d think. There are a few exceptions though.

Hardwoods are most popular and even looked-for by homebuyers in rooms like the central areas of the home. Entryways, hallways, and living rooms are all excellent places for hardwood. Even laminate or LVP tend to do well over softer types of flooring like carpets in these rooms. 

A common mistake among homeowners that can destroy their home’s resale value is to have many different types of flooring in their homes. If you have carpeting, tile, LVP, and hardwood in all different colors mixed throughout the home, some buyers can feel the home doesn’t have a strong central design or theme in its style. Perhaps the most glaring mistake is to have different types of hardwood right up against each other

The Scoop On Hardwoods Floors

Most hardwood floors have the ability to instantly class up a room or improve your home’s release price. It’s reported that installing hardwood can increase your home’s value by over 2% on average. There are, however, a few things you should know about its limitations.

Hardwood floors may have limited ROI if the home or room you are installing it in is noticeably dated. If the original wall paint and counters remain the same from quite some time ago, it’s unlikely adding a hardwood floor will drastically make the room appear much better. This brings us to the order in which you should remodel your rooms.

If your walls, cabinets, and doors all look like something out of the 70’s, you might want to consider revamping the whole room’s appearance before going straight to hardwood floors. 

A Final Word On The Relationship Between Flooring And Your Home’s Value

Your home’s flooring makes a big difference in the ability to sell your home at a good price. There’s no doubt about it. It’s important to remember that the neighborhood, the room, the style, the color scheme, and the quality of hardwood can all impact how much ROI you may be looking at upon the sale of your home.

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